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1064nm Acousto Optic Modulator Module

1064nm Acousto Optic Modulator Module (AOM) is a kind of extenal optical modulator with RF driver intergrated inside, it’s built with Tellurium dioxide crystal, which can modulate the light optical power, Phase, intensity or phase shift, it based on Acousto-optic effect to change the refractive index of crystal through mechanical strain caused by the oscillation of sound waves, the operating wavelength from visible light to infrared light, it’s widely used in Ultrafast Laser, Doppler Coherence, Q-switched Laser and LIDAR System, it features fast response time, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio and high reliability, the parameter can be customized upon request.

Quantum Communication
Ultrafast Laser
Doppler Coherence
LIDAR System
Fast Response time
low Insertion Loss
High Extinction Ratio
High Reliability



Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Center Wavelength λc 1064 nm
Bandwidth Bw 1030-1080 nm
Operating Frequency F 80 150 250 MHz
Max. Insertion Loss IL 2.5 3 3 dB
Max. Optical Peak Rising Time Tr 50 30 10 ns
Min. Extinction ration (1st order on/off) ER 50 dB
Min. Polarization Extinction Ratio
(For PM Version)
PER 20 dB
Max. Polarization Dependent Loss
(For Non-PM Version)
PDL 0.5 dB
Max. CW Optical Power P 0.5, 1, 3, 5 or specify W
Max. Peak Power P 5 kW
RF Interface SMA
Analog Modulation 0-1V @50Ω
Digital Modulation High Level: 3.3-5V, Low Level: 0-0.02V, @1KΩ
Power Supply Connection Capacitor Feed (core wire: +, Solder: -)
Fiber Type PM 980 Panda fiber or HI 1060 fiber
Operating Temperature T -10~+70
Storage Temperature T -40~+85
Notice: Above specifications are tested in room temperature at 23℃.

Specifications may change without notice.


Ordering Information:

 Wavelength  Operating Frequency  Modulation Type  Fiber Type  Handling Power  Fiber Jacket  Fiber Length  Connector
 1050 – 1050nm  80 – 80MHz  A – Analog  P9 – PM 980  Z5 – 500mW  B – 250um Bare Fiber  02 – 0.2m  NE – None
 1060 – 1060nm  150 – 150MHz  D – Digital  H1 – HI 1060  01 – 1W  L – 900um Loose Tube  05 – 0.5m  FA – FC/APC
 1064 – 1064nm  250 – 250MHz  03 – 3W  10 – 1.0m  FU – FC/UPC
 SSSS – Specify  SSS – Specify  05 – 5W  15 – 1.5m  LA – LC/APC
 SS – Specify  20 – 2.0m  LU – LC/UPC
 SS – Specify  SA – SC/APC
 SS – Specify





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