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1064nm High Power Intensity Modulator 2.5G

1064nm Intensity Modulator (LiNbO3) is a kind of external optical modulater which is designed for loading modulation signals of various modulation formats onto the light. The effective refractive index of the modulator scales linearly with the externally applied voltage. Our MZM Intensity Modulator built with advanced proton exchange technology, features low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth and low half-wave voltage, it’s widely used in Optical Quantum Communication systems, Coherent Synthesis, Spectral Broadening and Interferometry field. The handling power can be up to 1W or customized.

Optical Quantum Communication
Coherent Synthesis
Spectral Broadening
Low Insertion Loss
Low Half-wave Voltage
Zero Chirp



Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test
Center Wavelength λc 960 1064 1100 nm
Optical Power Po 1000 mW CW
Insertion Loss IL 3 3.5 dB
Extinction Ratio ER 20 dB DC
ReturnLoss RL 50 dB
Modulation Bandwidth @3dB S21 2.5 GHz
RF Low Half-wave Voltage 2.5 3 V @1KHz
Bias Low Half-wave Voltage 3.5 4 V @1KHz
Electrical Return Loss S11 10 12 dB
Input RF Optical Power Prf 33 dBm CW
RF Impedance Zrf 50 Ω
Bias Impedance Zbias 1M Ω
RF Interface SMA
PD Responsivity R 0.01 A/W
Operating Temperature T -10 60
Storage Temperature T -40 85
humidity RH 5 90 %
Fiber Type PM Panda or SM Fiber

Notice: Above specifications are tested in room temperature at 23℃.
Specifications may change without notice.



Ordering Information:

 WWWW  B  P  FF  HH  J  LL  CC
 Wavelength  Modulation
 PD Optional  Fiber Type
 Handling Power  Fiber Jacket  Fiber Length  Connector
 1064 – 1064nm  2.5 – 2.5Ghz  0– Without  PP – PM/PM  Z3 – 300mW  B – 250um Bare Fiber  05 – 0.5m  NE – None
 10 – 10GHz  1 – With  PS – PM/PS  Z5 – 500mW  L – 900um Loose Tube  10 – 1.0m  FA – FC/APC
 01 – 1W  15 – 1.5m  FU – FC/UPC
 20 – 2.0m  LA – LC/APC
 SS – Specify  LU – LC/UPC
 SS – Specify





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