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1064nm Phase Modulator 40G

1064nm Phase Modulator (LiNbO3) is a kind of external optical modulater, the phase of light waves can be modulated by the electrical signal applied to the modulator. It based on Electro-optic effect of the LiNbO3 crystal. Our Phase Modulator can be built with advanced proton exchange (APE) or Ti-indiffusion technology, features low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth and low half-wave voltage, it’s widely used in Optical Quantum Communication systems, Coherent Synthesis, Phase Delay and Optical Chirping field.

Optical Quantum Communication
Coherent Synthesis
Phase Delay
Optical Chirpingy
X-cut, Y-propagating
Low Insertion Loss
Low Half-wave Voltage
High Power Available



Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test
Center Wavelength λc 960 1064 1100 nm
Optical Power Po 100 mW CW, APE
Insertion Loss IL 3 3.5 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio ER 20 dB
ReturnLoss RL 50 dB
Residuary Intensity Modulation 0.3 %
Modulation Bandwidth @3dB S21  30 40 GHz
RF Low Half-wave Voltage 3.5 4 V @50KHz
Electrical Return Loss S11 10 12 dB
Input RF Optical Power Prf 33 dBm CW
RF Impedance Zrf 50 Ω
RF Interface SMA, K (2.92mm) or V (1.85mm)
Operating Temperature T -10 60
Storage Temperature T -40 85
Humidity RH 5 90 %
Fiber Type PM Panda or SM Fiber

Notice: Above specifications are tested in room temperature at 23℃.
Specifications may change without notice.


Ordering Information:

 Wavelength  Modulation Bandwidth  Fiber Type (input/output)  Fiber Jacket  Fiber Length  Connector
 1064 – 1064nm  2.5 – 2.5Ghz  PP – PM/PM  B – 250um Bare Fiber  02 – 0.2m  NE – None
 SSSS – Specify  10 – 10GHz  PS – PM/PS  L – 900um Loose Tube  05 – 0.5m  FA – FC/APC
 20 – 20GHz   10 – 1.0m  FU – FC/UPC
 40 – 40GHz  15 – 1.5m  LA – LC/APC
 20 – 2.0m  LU – LC/UPC
 SS – Specify  SA – SC/APC
 SS – Specify





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