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1310nm Y Waveguide

1310nm Y Waveguide is a multifunctional integrated LiNbO3 optical device which can be used for light polarization or polarization detection, beam splitter or combiner, phase modulation. The waveguide built with advanced proton exchange (APE) process, it’s widely used in Fiber Optic Gyroscope, Fiber Optic Current Transformers, Hydeophone and Interfere Fiber Optic Sensor, it features high chip extinction ratio and low insertion loss, the fiber can be customized upon request.

Fiber Optic Gyroscope
Fiber Optic Current Transformers
Fiber Optic Sensor
X-cut, Y-propagating
High Chip Extinction Ratio
Low Insertion Loss
High Reliability



Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Wavelength λc 1310 nm
Bandwidth 50 nm
Max. Insertion Loss IL 3.5 dB
Coupling Ratio CR 50/50 %
Min. Cross Talk Ct 30 dB
Min. Chip Polarization Extinction Ratio ER 60 dB
Max. Optical Power P 200 mW
Return Loss RL 50 dB
Max. Residuary Intensity Modulation 0.3 %
Max. Low Half-wave Voltage 4 V
Electrode Withstand Voltage Limit 15 V
Max. Operating Frequency 300 MHz
Fiber Type PM or SM Fiber
Operating Temperature T -55~85
Storage Temperature T -55~85
Humidity RH 10~85 %

Notice: Above specifications are tested in room temperature at 23℃.
Specifications may change without notice.


Ordering Information:

 Wavelength  Coupling Ratio  Fiber Type  Fiber Jacket  Fiber Length  Connector
 1310 – 1310nm  48 – 48/52  8C – 80um Clad Fiber  B – 250um Bare Fiber  02 – 0.2m  NE – None
 49 – 49/51  P3 – PM 1310  L – 900um Loose Tube  05– 0.5m  FA – FC/APC
 50 – 50/50  10 – 1.0m  FU – FC/UPC
 15 – 1.5m  LA – LC/APC
 20 – 2.0m  LU – LC/UPC
 SS – Specify  SA – SC/APC
 SS – Specify





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