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400-1100nm SI Amplified Free Space Detector

400-1100nm SI Amplified Free Space Detector is a semiconductor optoelectronic product designed for detecting light signal by transfering the light signal to electric signal, the detector with precision analog amplification circuit, allowing modules to have high gain and high bandwidth and keep a low noise. The detector can be used in detecting weak light signal, fast laser pulse, RF and pulse waveform extraction of laser sources, heterodyne laser beat signal. The Detector can be customized upon request.

Weak Light Signal Detect
Fast Laser Pulse Detect
Medical Imaging
Fiber Optic Sensor
High Temperature Stability
Low Hoise, high gain
High Sensitivity
Easy for Installation
High Realibility


Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Value Unit
Wavelength Range 400-1100 nm
Bandwidth Range DC-20MHz DC-250MHz DC-500MHz
Responsivity @λ=1550nm 0.55 A/W
Active Diameter 1.2 0.2 0.2 mm
Typ. Response Time (Rise) 25ns 1.5ns 800ps
Max. Gain @λ=1550nm 1.1*104 1.1*104 660 V/W
Min. Detectable Optical Power @λ=1550nm -30.5 -28.2 -22.1 dBm
Saturated Optical Power @λ=1550nm -4.4 -4.4 5.8 dBm
Operating DC Voltage 12 (±10%) V
Max. Operating Current 100 mA
Max. Noise Voltage 4 16 3 mV
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Output Coupling DC
Output Signal 3.7 4 2.5 V
Input Interface None
Output Interface SMA
Operating Temperature -20~65
Storage Temperature -40~85

Wavelength VS Responsivity Curve:

400-110nm Detector Wavelength VS Responsivity Curve:


Ordering Information:

SAPDM-4011-FS-20M (for 20MHz Bandwidth Range, Free Space)
SAPDM-4011-FS-250M (for 250MHz Bandwidth Range, Free Space)
SAPDM-4011-FS-500M (for 500MHz Bandwidth Range, Free Space)





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