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780nm PPLN Waveguide

780nm PPLN Waveguide is a frequency conversion module which integrate PPLN waveguide chips, the input pump wavelength is 1560nm, SHG wavelength 780nm generated. PPLN Waveguide is based on the ridge wavelength structure of LNOI, it’s suitable for building high power frequency converter devices. The PPLN Waveguide is widely used in High Power Single Frequency Laser, Quantum Cryptograph, Laser LIDAR, Optical Sensor field, It features High Coupling Efficiency and High Reliablity, the output power can be customized upon request.

High Power Single Frequency Laser
Quantum Cryptograph
Optical Sensor
High Coupling Efficiency
TEC Builded In
High Reliability



Optical and Electrical Specification:

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Input Pump Wavelength λc 1560 nm
SHG Output Wavelength λc 780 nm
Min. Polarization Extinction Ratio ER 20 dB
Max. Output Optical Power P 2 or sprcify W
Return Loss RL 35 dB
Thermoelectric cooler 4.4V, 1.5A maximum, Qc = 4.1 W
NTC Impedance Zntc 10
Input Fiber Type PM 1550 Panda fiber
Output Fiber Type PM 780 or PM 850 Panda fiber
Operating Temperature T 10~35
Storage Temperature T -20~70
Humidity RH 10~85 %

Notice: Above specifications are tested in room temperature at 23℃.
Specifications may change without notice.


Optical Power Curve:

Ordering Information:

 SHG Output Wavelength  Output Fiber Type  Output Optical
 Fiber Jacket  Fiber Length  Connector
 780 – 780nm  P7 – PM 780  01 – 1W  B – 250um Bare Fiber  02 – 0.2m  NE – None
 P8 – PM 850  02 – 2W  L – 900um Loose Tube  05– 0.5m  FA – FC/APC
 SS – Specify  10 – 1.0m  FU – FC/UPC
 15 – 1.5m  LA – LC/APC
 20 – 2.0m  LU – LC/UPC
 SS – Specify  SA – SC/APC
 SS – Specify





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